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D9--Facial beauty device

D9--Facial beauty device

A facial beauty device with galvanic ion, heating,micro vibration and red light ,can realize the function of deep cleansing, better rejuvenation and facial lifting. *Galvanic lonic:Using the principle of the mildest impulse current anode and cathode attractived,can soften ad clean dirt and oil sebum deposits that log pores , this deep treatment acts as natural cleanser that helps reduce pore size,enriched charged oxygen ions activate nutrients to repair damaged skin structure and awaken tired cells. *Micro Vibration:Adopt physical vibrating,electric stimulating way to increase the elasticity and enhance the cellular metabolism. *Warm Massage:Promote absorption of skin care products,make skin texture stretched,keep skin full of elasticity. *Red Light:640nm-650nm red light deep into the dermis ,stimulates new collagen and elastin growth , then reduces wrinkle and improves skin elasticity. *Blue light: Improve acne, wavelength 415nm has a rapid anti-inflammatory effect. Suitable for sensitive, oily and acne skin. It can eliminate Acne bacilli to remove acne and whelk, promote the synthesis of protein and bone collagen, activate skin, tighten relaxed skin and fetal lines.